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Live Sound Engineering

We provide live sound mixing for your events.

We are here to mix your concerts, presentations, company events, general events and balls. We also provide sound mixing for fashion shows, banquets, exhibitions, sports events and many other indoor and outdoor events.

Please contact us, we will be happy to calculate the price for you.

tel: +421 905 243 208
email: info@www.junipex.sk

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Good stage performances aren’t just about great sound, the lighting is just as important when it comes to creating awesome audience experiences.

Effective stage lighting enhances the emotion of the performance on stage and brings the music to life.

If you are looking for a lighting show to complement your live music, call us today.

tel: +421 905 243 208 
email: info@www.junipex.sk


A stage is a great way to liven up a party, plus, they can adapt to any event, whether it is a catwalk show, a festival or a gig. 

We understand that no two stages, risers, or platform set up are the same, so please give us a call and we’ll help you select the proper stage system for your event, and all within your budget.

tel: +421905 243 208     
email: info@www.junipex.sk



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